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Resort in winter

There is a ski resort, Tanvaldsky Spicak, for all who enjoy skiing. It has multiple ski slopes of various difficulties. The ski resort offers ski school and ski rental with a very rich selection of ski sets, snowboards and cross country skis. There is also a ski resort, Svetly Vrch, which offers night skiing every day. There is Jizerska Magistrala, cross country skiing tracks, for everyone who enjoys cross country skiing.

Resort in summer

In summer, the Jizerske Mountains are suitable for lovers of hiking and biking. You can choose from lots of tracks and you can get to see very nice places around Albrechtice. There are many observation towers nearby – Tanvaldsky Spicak, Stepanka, Slovanka, Kralovka, Bamberk, and Cerna Studnice. You can also go and try swimming in the real nature – there are pools in Tanvald, and Lucany nad Nisou.

Tips for Trips

Tourism guide www.ceskehory.cz

Protržená přehrada

Rozhledny – Tanvaldský Špičák, Štěpánka, Slovanka, Královka, Bramberk, Černá Studnice

Koupaliště Tanvald, Lučany nad Nisou


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